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Ramblin’ mind

I see a rainbow beyond the horizon

You will see it too without any confusion

Step out and be done with delusions

Life isn’t a war to be fought            

It has more to it give it a thought

If tears and pain were easy answers

Fear would grip the world like a cancer

Live the moment, know your happy element

Rejoice the present and learn to augment

Life is a success when you unlearn to lament!

Heartbreak and other disappointments

All that Emotions that wreck havoc

You’re not what others think, but how you feel

So feel free to know you’re the KING

Here is a secret; Life is a lovely thing!

War doesn’t determine who is right, but who is left

Insanity doesn’t know what is wrong or right

Hunger do not understand the price of a tear

Death is never sorry for your loss Ever

In spite of all the hardship I see a rainbow

Success never defined by money or power

But how much love you can have and still share & shower

Be patient, hardships are blessing in disguise

For a better future and happy moments that reprise

Life is full of surprises for those who never give up!

Hold no grudge nor be charged with furry

They bring anger & disappointment like a snow flurry

There are always three sides to a story

His, yours and ‘actual’, with time they all hoary

This is a song for the soul, for the sole  


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