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The Dirty Picture You MUST See!

The Dirty Picture You Love

As a teenager, I was often compared to Silk Smitha, the Marlin Manroe of the South. People called me her look-alike,  at one point in my teenage life, there were many who mistook me for real silk.Little they know that I’m 20+ years junior. The most embarrassing christmas had to do with my colleague’s father whose detailed comparison between Silk & I creeped me out. He never realized I was uncomfortable, he was probably seeing Silk in me? Really? NO!  That was probably the most awkward christmas i ever had. I did not know how Silk was in person. All i knew was through film, she was a vamp who wore tiny -tiny dresses and danced with A-star actors, drank and smoked on screens. Besides her features, I also share her zodiac sign!  Like Manroe she too took her own life in her mid 30s.  She remained an enigma to many..

If not  for the The Dirty Picture a biopic of Silk, I would have never got to know her. The movie is all about the Diva and her carefree attitude to life in general. She has no rules nor follows any. She is carefree, not perturbed by the perceptions. Men Loved her and women hated her. She is brutally honest, and has a heart of a gold. She is wise & witty, sexy & seductress. She is wild and free spirited. She always acted on her impulses. She was sad too… The Dirty Picture in an awesome movie, wich teaches not to judge people by their actions or by the dress they wear; instead see through the core of the person.   The movie is brilliantly done. The awesome part of the movie is the beautiful person in the mist of all the obscene and profanities! Bravo… Bravo!

I sincerely Hope The Dirty Picture team Wins Oscar.  Silk’s larger than life personality has appealed me, touched my heart and I am no longer offend by ‘You-look-like-silk’ comments. She is the goddess of diva and will remain there! May She RIP!!


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