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Moods and Moment!

I was dull & gloomy after a fight. So, I rang my best friend in India.  After speaking to her for a while, I really felt good. My mood elevated for  better. Now that left me thinking, ”How am I going to return the favor?”. I am very passionate about making music, so I really wanted to create something that will elevate mood, put a smile on a face. After a lot of trail and error ,  created this one.  Every time I listen to this, I tell myself, ”Love is all we need, Love is all we need”. And my anger disappears! You know, Anger destroys you; love on the other hand, enhances Life. Love is all we need!!

Here I present my instrumental composition, ‘Moods & Moment” for the beautiful ”YOU!”.  Listen and share the joy!!


I am the one to blame!

I composed the song. Here is the lyrics for the song…

Walking in the dark

And sloshing thru’ every puddle on the way

I recall the day when everything went astray

I was on the street accepting my defeat!

I walked home all alone in the rain,

And all my cries,  all in vain

I’m over whelmed with pain and shame

I knew I’m the only one to blame

You called me on my phone

And spoke to me only when I was alone

You called me out on a date for 3 nights straight!

Sitting under the stars, we spoke from the hearts!

We were at our best, just being you and I

We were helplessly, hopelessly falling in love!

We were just being you and I!!

We were just fine, until

I faced some problems of mine

I called out for help;

For A safe place for me and for my whelp!

You weren’t happy with the new place

You  came home with a grim face

I always wondered why you had your helmet on

I did not realize then you were the boogieman!

Look, what I did to you was wrong

I was messed up in the head

I was only trying to look for the man who got lost

I was all over you; I was totally in to you!

I know I killed you with my talk; 

But how far I would go to bring you back?

You lived in a world all alone

With broken heart and rendered opinions

As memories stain, and later pain

I wage war in silence with nothing to gain

I know, I love you but not the way I used to

No more words to scar the soul

No more fights to make you understand

No more words that will split your heart in to two

No more tears to shed, no more crying all alone….

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