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Moods and Moment!

I was dull & gloomy after a fight. So, I rang my best friend in India.  After speaking to her for a while, I really felt good. My mood elevated for  better. Now that left me thinking, ”How am I going to return the favor?”. I am very passionate about making music, so I really wanted to create something that will elevate mood, put a smile on a face. After a lot of trail and error ,  created this one.  Every time I listen to this, I tell myself, ”Love is all we need, Love is all we need”. And my anger disappears! You know, Anger destroys you; love on the other hand, enhances Life. Love is all we need!!

Here I present my instrumental composition, ‘Moods & Moment” for the beautiful ”YOU!”.  Listen and share the joy!!


An unlikely marriage!

Today’s song inspiration is from here.  BTW, I consider this to be a folk song. Just like gypsies singing along as they move from one place to another. Besides Romeo and Juliet there are people like Sarinya “Anne” Kamsook and Deff Yingyuen, who make great love story! I read their story and found it fascinating. Marrying a  dead girlfriend was bit weird, but yeah, who are we to judge others! 

He stands on the wedding Altar
And waits for his bride to Arrive
The first sight of her thou flatter
As she walked the aisle
Their memories came alive
A lot of love and fights now and then
Nevertheless he is her No1 fan
It is 10 years of togetherness
Memories full of sweetness

This is the day he did not wanted to miss
For the life long exciting Kiss
she was there next to him
Just like every difficult time
They planned their big day
Never imagined it to be this way
He has seen ups and downs
But this is the most difficult one
There’s Special wedding in the  town!

A tragedy that left a permanent dent
Yes, she died in a car accident
Its a funeral and marriage that he conducts.
He wants to say a prayer
As friends and family gather
He married her in front of large audience
A beautiful gesture of love abundance
together until death do us apart is old
‘We will do even if one of us depart’!

 This is the story that will surpass greatest love stories

History in the making to honor the mourning glory!

We need to walk, we need to talk, we need to stop!

Say NO To Violence

We March for our freedom with the beatings of the Drum

C’mon sisters, let us all walk, we need to stop, raging gridlock

No more crying in the dark, no more bruises & blotches

We need to walk, we need to talk, we need to stop

You’re not meek so no more wreck havoc

Don’t be in silence when there is so much violence

Stop claiming the blame, you’ll never be the same

We need to walk, We need to talk, we need to stop

If you’re in plight, stand up and fight; you’re strong, never wrong

You are not alone in this fight, we are here to set it right

Sisters who did not fight, put up with horror every other night

We need to walk, We need to talk, we need to stop

Don’t protect the beast living in your shadows, he outgrows

Never let him beat you black & blue, it is time to adieu

This is just not your problem, so stop living in phantom

We need to walk, We need to talk, we need to stop

Pain & shame are not you’re game, so stop being lame

Make that decision with precision, never recession

Everything is in your hand, so, walk in to the free land

We need to walk, We need to talk, we need to stop 

Break the shackles; you’re blessed by the angels

believe in your self and take that step, start the prep

Pump up your spirit, not just every other minute

We need to walk, We need to talk, we need to stop

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