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Idiosyncrasy of a Human Mind

The Griffins!

The Unique ones!

The nitty-gritty of a Human mind is a long debated subject throughout the History. Even before one could understand what ones purpose in life is, one is pushed in to never ending stress exerted by the Society. Society teaches who god is, has predefined ideas of the Good & the Bad. And completely discourages the idea as how each human mind is as unique as his DNA.  The external pressure moulds him in to what he is not. Society is a simple structure made by people like you and me, however, some are so domineering that they make you feel insignificant without even you knowing it. And you completely buy in to their cowardly talks. A religious Preacher or politicians are a classic example.  Albert Einstein was heavily criticized by his own fraternity and people who knew nothing about science, did he back track? Heck no!  He followed his own instincts, that is exactly he is still remembered even today, not his critics. So, here I am trying to raise awareness on how significant you’re to this”Society”. Society is too quick to tag you, if you’re different. Once you shun all the external shouts, and listen to your inner voice there is a strong possibility you will emerge as a content, competent individual.

So you’re a gay? Does that bother me? Absolutely NOT. I am not interested in your sexual orientation, I am only interested in the things that I can learn and hone my knowledge on subjects that you’re good at. That is all I am interested in. Now, you know that there is one person (me) who is not judging you. I am sure there are many like me who know to see you as you’re! You always have two choices to make under stress either get bogged down by the acrid morbid comments, or simply believe in you.  It shocks me as how a comment or two can drive young teenagers to suicide. Acceptability doesn’t necessarily have to come right away. Knowing the simple truth that there is always going to be people who will judge knowingly and unknowingly is a great relief. You can always concentrate on what you always wanted to be. Learning to accentuate each thought and enforcing positive feel irrespective of how one feels is a great way to start. The dynamics of life varies from person to person, just like his needs. Steve Jobs is a good example, he did not take bullshit for an answer, and the man did exactly what he wanted. Was he always great at his work, not necessarily? But listening to his inner voices made him the person that we know him Today; the content, component individual who gave amazing product lines. If you’re pinned to your conviction that you’re best and your work is merely a reflection of your persona, nothing likes it. If you’re strongly bound by your conscience alone; you know you’re in the right path. Compromise is a bedding stone for disaster.  Blaming circumstances for not following your dreams is a lousy excuse, unacceptable one too.

So cheer up and celebrate your uniqueness! Being you is more important than what you are not.  Loads of Love to you!


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