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Wish You a Happy New Year-2012!

Don't worry be happy! Photo Courtesy : From the motion picture, 'Happy Feet'

Wish you all a wonderful Happy New Year!

This evening, I enjoyed the long drive on the deserted, poorly lit streets of Anthem. I rolled down the window,and  turned on the radio. The cool breeze gently blew my hair, countless stars fallowed me as I slowly drove through the nearly empty streets. The retro music in the back ground, the clear sky with 1000s of glittering stars, the chill air, and the privilege to drive and own a car made me feel; ‘the luckiest person alive!’  I’m truly happy and blessed to have enjoyed life’s finest moment.

My simple new year resolution is to Be-Happy. I want to be more appreciative of the things and people I have in my life who take that extra effort to put a smile on my face.  Besides making money and getting healthy, one other important thing to me is to find my happy element, every single day! Going forward, I am going to count all my blessings and write it down on a piece of paper i.e,  before going to bed and put it in the glass jar, which is sitting on the bedside table. When I am down & gloomy, I want to read my blessings and things that I am thankful for.

Life isn’t about hate or any of those negativity. You’ve come here for a reason, hating and cussing is definitely not the Reason. Your life is as beautiful as anybody else’s. You’re a beautiful person, with a beautiful soul. Remember the great saying, ‘ anyone can have a bad start, but the ending is always in your hand. Be responsible. Smile Often. What you send out is what you receive-KARMA! Live life to the fullest. Always remember that a man without hope and love, lives insipid life!

Lots of love and Hugs from me to the beautiful YOU!


We need to walk, we need to talk, we need to stop!

Say NO To Violence

We March for our freedom with the beatings of the Drum

C’mon sisters, let us all walk, we need to stop, raging gridlock

No more crying in the dark, no more bruises & blotches

We need to walk, we need to talk, we need to stop

You’re not meek so no more wreck havoc

Don’t be in silence when there is so much violence

Stop claiming the blame, you’ll never be the same

We need to walk, We need to talk, we need to stop

If you’re in plight, stand up and fight; you’re strong, never wrong

You are not alone in this fight, we are here to set it right

Sisters who did not fight, put up with horror every other night

We need to walk, We need to talk, we need to stop

Don’t protect the beast living in your shadows, he outgrows

Never let him beat you black & blue, it is time to adieu

This is just not your problem, so stop living in phantom

We need to walk, We need to talk, we need to stop

Pain & shame are not you’re game, so stop being lame

Make that decision with precision, never recession

Everything is in your hand, so, walk in to the free land

We need to walk, We need to talk, we need to stop 

Break the shackles; you’re blessed by the angels

believe in your self and take that step, start the prep

Pump up your spirit, not just every other minute

We need to walk, We need to talk, we need to stop

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