rambling of a Girl Saint!!

About Me!

I am a Staunch Sagittarian, now that makes me Optimistic and freedom-loving,  Jovial and good-humored,  Honest and straightforward,  Intellectual and philosophical .. On the darker side, I am too impulsive and restless. Actually, I am lot of fun and laughter, and I carry my heart on my sleeves!! I am also that girl who cry during movie. I am passionate about making music, song writing you can find original compositions under ‘ my creations tab’ on the main page. I am also equally passionate about script writing, and directions. I hope someday I would get an opportunity to fulfill my dreams in the field of entertainment.

I Love Canada, the beautiful place on earth. I was fortunate enough to live in Canada for 18 months, before I moved to the US. I want to go around the world and be part of new experiences, and capture peoples emotions in my songs. I like to believe I am the most unconventional person, I don’t like to be tied down domestically. I don’t visit circus, zoos and I will never own fish aquariums nor caged birds/animals as my pets.  Fur is absolutely No and I actively try to avoid use of leather. I am a veggie but eat cakes!

Although, I have helped couple of my girlfriends find their soul-mates, I some how feel marriage is overrated. If you really love someone that truly, do you really have to stay married ? Okay, your looking for companion, I understand, but why do you expect him to pop the big question? Are you not happy now? how is your life going to change after marriage?  I think we live in a dubious world where  men and women think they got to be married at certain age, make babies and uphold family values. I can make babies without even getting married, and still be a great mom. But the world is so freaking opinionated that without even knowing the person have  certain negative views, often gays and single parents are at the receiving end.

My ultimate goal in life is to be happy, and happy and then comes more happiness. I don’t aspire to be anybody, however with an exception of my mum.  My mum was the greatest person I have ever known, she is my hero. I really want to define a lifestyle, which is not a replica. Power and Money don’t turn me on.  Humility is a quality that separates a bragger from being proud. I never try to please anyone, ‘coz I simply don’t believe in that concept. If you find me nasty it only means I am being brutally honest with you.  I simply want to live a very independent life with no external interference.  My life is propelled with passion, compassions, independence, freedom, simplicity, fun and adventure. BTW, I really think harmless flirting is an healthy exercise for the soul!


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