rambling of a Girl Saint!!

You’re Your Competition!

This is For the lovely You!

You can be anybody in your life as long as you have wings of imagination and strong will to bring it to life. You’re independent of others opinions, you’re the only one who can beat all your expectations. So you know you’re your competition! Live life to the Fullest, but don’t get carried away. Remember to be humble, treat everyone irrespective of their race, language, sexual orientation, religion with lots of respect. Learn to respect others differences. Never judge others, remember you want to be loved more when you’re wrong. Don’t try to impress others, let your work do the talking; learn to be yourself at all time! Learn to take criticism with a smile, knowledge is bigger than your ego! As you grow in your life and in your career, be humble. You should be governed only by your conscience; money should never dictate you or those who work for you. Learn to be happy at all times, remember everything freezes and becomes past making way for the new future! Past is Past don’t try to rekindle it. Live your life as it is meant to be. learn to appreciate music, painting, nature, people in your life. Always look for opportunities to be happy, always thrive for new opportunities. Be responsible when seeking excitement. Learn to acknowledge your worth, how you impact others with your actions, words and attitude. Be open to new learnings, and impart your teaching to others as well. Always share what you have with others. Never lie, and be honest. Learn to connect to your creator in your own way. Always compliment the finnest things in life. Don’t fear anything, you’re always protected by your creator. Remember there is no need to feel sad , never shed a tear for any failure. Failures make you strong, gives you opportunity to expand your knowledge. Never argue with a fool; he will beat you with his experience. Smile often, lough often. Last but not the least, be good in what ever you do, give your best.


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