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Happiest day in my Life- No more facebooking!

I have deactivated my facebook account today! I see so much of hate speech in that single place. Facebook has become a major platform for the religious lunatics to spew hate on LGBT community and people of different faith, and other predators who constantly look for their next prey. Facebook have broken many families too. Although, there are pros and cons of having an account, it is mostly the cons that turn me off! Facebook has no stringent security in place. Especially, the new facebook timeline ( btw, you cannot revert to old version) is  so vulnerable to attacks. Your photos cannot be hidden from strangers. Anyone can copy it, and can replicate a fake account with false information.  Today, that is exactly what happened to one of the members of a community. A looser created a fake account using a girl’s photo (who was arguing against him in a community page) and posted her information that can potential harm the person. In spite of flagging it multiple times, the fake profile is not brought down, and to add more agony it  continues to indulge in malicious activities!  Imagine the plight of the girl! has she not psychologically affected ?Does that not drain the victim emotionally? Unless facebook Inc, promises me that it will have a system in place, which will promptly act on Serious complaints; I am not going back! 

Facebook gets richer every single day, and it is real shame that they have no security measures in place to protect its customers from becoming victims of vicious attacks, FB was hacked recently! Also, I was shocked to learn that it tracks you even when you’re logged out! Click here to read more about it.  There is a sharp surge in Identity Theft  because we are feeding so much personal information in to this unsecured network. Talking of Identity theft, do you even know that  it is learnt that FB stores 800 pages of personal information per user account? It is high time that there should be some stringent law governing social networking sites. Otherwise, it becomes a safe haven for the thugs and crooks across the world.  Also, so many psychological problems arising from the use of FB. There is a new FB addiction, bullies are becoming stronger tormenting the meeker ones, pedophiles are  constantly looking for a prey, haters are seeking revenge; and then there are many deaths and murders related to facebook.  To all the facebook users, ask yourself; are you safe when you use FB? Most likely you’re not. Tell FB, ”Enough is Enough” make that a priority! 

Anyway, I am not going back to FB, if they don’t change! I am really frustrated!

PS: I seriously don’t know how to remove FB Share Button from this blog!


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