rambling of a Girl Saint!!

Paranormal Experience 1

Do you believe in Ghosts? I do!

Over the years, I have had numerous experiences, which I cannot logically explain. I know one thing for sure; people who are deeply attached to a thing, people, place continue to associate themselves even in the spirit world. I have lived in a haunted  house, been tormented by the unknown entities, and had conversation with the dead.  I happen to dream every single night, and recollect it with crisp details. Most of my dreams are different versions of future. I can also  feel and hear things.  I was recently told by a psychic medium in Sedona, AZ that I am a psychic and an Empath. Although, I still struggle to understand my abilities, I have learnt to live with it.  My abilities to hear, feel and see were very active when I were a kid, and after my mum’s demise. I share my experience only with the close ones, and now with my readers.  I have lots to share, but chosen to share two, the rest is for another day!!

The Experiences;


I grew up in Malleshswaram in North Bangalore. My landlord passed away a week before my mother. He was not a great guy, he always took the surety from the burrowers and increased the interest rate with out notice; making it difficult to repay.  A lot of poor people cursed him. He was neither moved by their tears or heartfelt curse.  He was so bad that he had a bonded labour, (a small boy whose father could not repay his loan) to run errands and also to do house chores. However, my mother was an exception. He always treated her with lot of respect. My mum never burrowed anything from anyone and she was always to herself.

I was doing graveyard shifts and also was looking after mum, who was at my 2nd sisters place some 45 kms away. After 12 chemo therapies, she had reduced to a vegetative state.  All her organs had died or working very poorly and she was just breathing. I was really tired from running around. One afternoon I came home and hit the sack. That entire week I had not slept, and I no longer could hold myself from falling asleep.  I remember closing the main door.  I was in my deep sleep, when i realize someone on my face staring continuously.  I adjust my eyes to the light to see who it was. It was my Landlord on my face staring. I was so exhausted I just told myself, ”I will talk to him when I am awake”. I was jaded  and I could not think anything else, nor move my body. When I woke up, i went straight to his house to know as what he wanted from me. His house was locked, asked a neighbor as where he was. My neighbor starred right back at me as if I offended her with my question. After a breif pause, she replied; ” The landlord died 3 days back and the entire family is at Sangam to immerse his ash.  I was dumb found and scared as hell. I just happen to witness a full fledge apparition right in my house! The house became haunted only after his death. BTW, watch out for this space, more to follow!


My mum passed away on a saturday, and I showed up to work on Monday, the next working day. I was grief stricken and shell shock. I came to work very early and did not tell anyone. My work station was at the corner  of a walkway.  Except for the lights above my station, the rest were turned off. I was the only one on the floor , and was getting ready to boot my system. As I waited for the system to start, I was consumed by the over whelming feeling of sadness. Tears ran down my cheeks and dripped on the key board as I blank-looked at the monitor.  Then I heard and felt a distinct Kiss on the back of my head. I immediately turned back to see who it was only to realize that I was all alone! Even to this day, I still remember the sound and the feel of the peck on the back of my head. My mum always kissed affectionately  me on my head. I think that was a gesture from my mum to remind me that although she is physically not present, but in spirits she is, and is watching over me.


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