rambling of a Girl Saint!!

Moods and Moment!

I was dull & gloomy after a fight. So, I rang my best friend in India.  After speaking to her for a while, I really felt good. My mood elevated for  better. Now that left me thinking, ”How am I going to return the favor?”. I am very passionate about making music, so I really wanted to create something that will elevate mood, put a smile on a face. After a lot of trail and error ,  created this one.  Every time I listen to this, I tell myself, ”Love is all we need, Love is all we need”. And my anger disappears! You know, Anger destroys you; love on the other hand, enhances Life. Love is all we need!!

Here I present my instrumental composition, ‘Moods & Moment” for the beautiful ”YOU!”.  Listen and share the joy!!


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