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Romance through the Radio!

Long ago, in early 2000s I was a final year student at St. Joseph’s college of Arts and Science, Bangalore. No, I was not a bright student, and this is not even about my college :P. We had recently moved to our then unfinished campus on Lavelle Road. Just behind our campus was the offices of  the popular Radio Station, Radiocity 91.1 FM. It was the first FM radio station in Bangalore, and they played real music. Unlike today, where cellphones are in abundance, back then it was just pager systems, and small portable FM transistors. Affluent kids in the college carried both, while the rest carried a transistor. It was a popular youth accessory for the young lads and lass alike. In college, we hardly saw anyone with cell phone. It was a no-cellphone era where cellphones did not crawl in to our  classrooms while teachers, who pretended to teach, and pupil, who pretended to learn. 😛  We were really connecting well without the help of any social networking sites, we were very content with the things we had. Listening to Radio City was the common and popular activity we all indulged in!

Radiocity played both English and Kannada songs; English mostly. Only during Sundays between 7 a.m-11a.m there was a show called ‘chow-chow bath” in Kannada, hosted by a, witty, hot & sexy, and too down to earth RJ, Chaitanya Hegde. He had mesmerizing voice that reflected both respect and love for his listeners.  Listening to his show was a popular entertainment for me, he really knew how to keep his audience engaged. Even before, I knew I had fallen for the lad. I probably had the biggest crush on him so far. So, one fine day my friend and I went to meet him after our college. When we met him at his office, he was getting ready for one of his evening shows, and the first sight took my breath away! He had a  physique that matched the voice. My girl friend was busy talking to him about his job, while i shamelessly stared at him and blushed now and then. ‘You’re a greek god!’  I said. That was enough for me to grab his attention. He gave me a look and I melted away like an ice cream.  We were getting late, and he was hurring to host his evening show. So, we had to end our conversation and left.

I was smitten by him, asked my sisters to write letters on my behalf  ( was bad at English, Cliché?), sent numerous texts to his shows, sent flowers (red roses and red carnations) to him, sent gifts. All of a sudden it felt as if I was living in  a perfect world, where everyone liked & loved everyone else! Once, I even heard a fellow RJ make fun of him. She referred my name on his show and he was blushing like a baby! That became one of my favorite memories of growing up. One day, he  was gone, leaving a huge dent in my world! That broke my heart, I cried my heart out for  many days together and it really ached inside. I never knew where he went. I called the host who replaced him, he said he was in a different Radio Station, world Space and refused to give any other information. You got to have a special unit and subscription to listen to world space. World space units were expensive then, and I had just started working.  I was solely acting on impulse and was being spontaneous, as his thought was kindling excitement fire in me.  I consoled myself believing this is all part of adolescence, part and parcel of growing up!  That is how my romance withered away 😐


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  1. Anonymous on said:

    i want to know where chaitanya hegde working now

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