rambling of a Girl Saint!!

Why would you do that to me?

Sometimes love can be cruel, very cruel. My inspiration for this song/ poem is from a sad love story that left the girl dead!  Read here for more information.

I am at the park sitting on the bench

Looking at the lovers kissing and caressing

Your thoughts came gushing, pushing old memories

I hold my tears but weeps inside helplessly

If not for your false pride,

We would have made it thru’ the tide

Rerunning our past in black and white

A foreseen wretched playwright!

You flirt with my innocence

And I failed to notice the incoherence

Confusion and treasons you create

The unnoticed love’s tailgates

Like the falling withered leaves

someday my memories will cease

I’ll learn to sail on my own

And learn to manure thru’ the currents

I’ll set out anyway to conquer thee

‘coz we were never meant to be

You’ll no longer be remembered

Nor those words will linger!


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