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You’re Your Competition!

This is For the lovely You!

You can be anybody in your life as long as you have wings of imagination and strong will to bring it to life. You’re independent of others opinions, you’re the only one who can beat all your expectations. So you know you’re your competition! Live life to the Fullest, but don’t get carried away. Remember to be humble, treat everyone irrespective of their race, language, sexual orientation, religion with lots of respect. Learn to respect others differences. Never judge others, remember you want to be loved more when you’re wrong. Don’t try to impress others, let your work do the talking; learn to be yourself at all time! Learn to take criticism with a smile, knowledge is bigger than your ego! As you grow in your life and in your career, be humble. You should be governed only by your conscience; money should never dictate you or those who work for you. Learn to be happy at all times, remember everything freezes and becomes past making way for the new future! Past is Past don’t try to rekindle it. Live your life as it is meant to be. learn to appreciate music, painting, nature, people in your life. Always look for opportunities to be happy, always thrive for new opportunities. Be responsible when seeking excitement. Learn to acknowledge your worth, how you impact others with your actions, words and attitude. Be open to new learnings, and impart your teaching to others as well. Always share what you have with others. Never lie, and be honest. Learn to connect to your creator in your own way. Always compliment the finnest things in life. Don’t fear anything, you’re always protected by your creator. Remember there is no need to feel sad , never shed a tear for any failure. Failures make you strong, gives you opportunity to expand your knowledge. Never argue with a fool; he will beat you with his experience. Smile often, lough often. Last but not the least, be good in what ever you do, give your best.

Happiest day in my Life- No more facebooking!

I have deactivated my facebook account today! I see so much of hate speech in that single place. Facebook has become a major platform for the religious lunatics to spew hate on LGBT community and people of different faith, and other predators who constantly look for their next prey. Facebook have broken many families too. Although, there are pros and cons of having an account, it is mostly the cons that turn me off! Facebook has no stringent security in place. Especially, the new facebook timeline ( btw, you cannot revert to old version) is  so vulnerable to attacks. Your photos cannot be hidden from strangers. Anyone can copy it, and can replicate a fake account with false information.  Today, that is exactly what happened to one of the members of a community. A looser created a fake account using a girl’s photo (who was arguing against him in a community page) and posted her information that can potential harm the person. In spite of flagging it multiple times, the fake profile is not brought down, and to add more agony it  continues to indulge in malicious activities!  Imagine the plight of the girl! has she not psychologically affected ?Does that not drain the victim emotionally? Unless facebook Inc, promises me that it will have a system in place, which will promptly act on Serious complaints; I am not going back! 

Facebook gets richer every single day, and it is real shame that they have no security measures in place to protect its customers from becoming victims of vicious attacks, FB was hacked recently! Also, I was shocked to learn that it tracks you even when you’re logged out! Click here to read more about it.  There is a sharp surge in Identity Theft  because we are feeding so much personal information in to this unsecured network. Talking of Identity theft, do you even know that  it is learnt that FB stores 800 pages of personal information per user account? It is high time that there should be some stringent law governing social networking sites. Otherwise, it becomes a safe haven for the thugs and crooks across the world.  Also, so many psychological problems arising from the use of FB. There is a new FB addiction, bullies are becoming stronger tormenting the meeker ones, pedophiles are  constantly looking for a prey, haters are seeking revenge; and then there are many deaths and murders related to facebook.  To all the facebook users, ask yourself; are you safe when you use FB? Most likely you’re not. Tell FB, ”Enough is Enough” make that a priority! 

Anyway, I am not going back to FB, if they don’t change! I am really frustrated!

PS: I seriously don’t know how to remove FB Share Button from this blog!

Laugh with me!

When i watched this video, I laughed like hell! This song is sung by upcoming singing sensation, Santhosh Pandit from the exotic India. The music and lyrics are his own!

The Lyrics

music is the name of love love…
kissing is the part of love love..
marry is the result of love love
U r my jackson,micheal jackson
U r mylover,crazy lover…
Music is the name…
Dont cheat a lovable heart,when u feel that love..
Dont love a cheating heart,when u feel that cheat
Dont miss a lovable heart,when u feel that truth…
(U r my jackson)

Some of the comments were even more funnier :

”Flagged this video as inappropriate

Reason – Promotes Terrorism” ~dandevil1891

–I couldn’t agree more! 😀 😀

”You should listen to this song in the toilet. Chances are your shit will come out faster.” ~wwwloymachedocom
—I should replace those laxatives, and try this one. It seems to work already …I just P!@#$ a bit laughing so much 😀 😀 😛 😛

”fuck you!” ~Multi123red —- signs that this video Promotes Terrorism! Hahaha :p

”oh come on.. someone please shoot this asshole” ~niksjoe558 — Coward fellow delegating the job!! 😀 😀

”what kind of shit is this?

*dies* :P” ~RRachz —- Mr. Sanitary inspector baffled, no?

Let us all wish that he surpasses Rebecca Black’s Friday!!

Go Santhosh Pandit!!

Paranormal Experience 1

Do you believe in Ghosts? I do!

Over the years, I have had numerous experiences, which I cannot logically explain. I know one thing for sure; people who are deeply attached to a thing, people, place continue to associate themselves even in the spirit world. I have lived in a haunted  house, been tormented by the unknown entities, and had conversation with the dead.  I happen to dream every single night, and recollect it with crisp details. Most of my dreams are different versions of future. I can also  feel and hear things.  I was recently told by a psychic medium in Sedona, AZ that I am a psychic and an Empath. Although, I still struggle to understand my abilities, I have learnt to live with it.  My abilities to hear, feel and see were very active when I were a kid, and after my mum’s demise. I share my experience only with the close ones, and now with my readers.  I have lots to share, but chosen to share two, the rest is for another day!!

The Experiences;


I grew up in Malleshswaram in North Bangalore. My landlord passed away a week before my mother. He was not a great guy, he always took the surety from the burrowers and increased the interest rate with out notice; making it difficult to repay.  A lot of poor people cursed him. He was neither moved by their tears or heartfelt curse.  He was so bad that he had a bonded labour, (a small boy whose father could not repay his loan) to run errands and also to do house chores. However, my mother was an exception. He always treated her with lot of respect. My mum never burrowed anything from anyone and she was always to herself.

I was doing graveyard shifts and also was looking after mum, who was at my 2nd sisters place some 45 kms away. After 12 chemo therapies, she had reduced to a vegetative state.  All her organs had died or working very poorly and she was just breathing. I was really tired from running around. One afternoon I came home and hit the sack. That entire week I had not slept, and I no longer could hold myself from falling asleep.  I remember closing the main door.  I was in my deep sleep, when i realize someone on my face staring continuously.  I adjust my eyes to the light to see who it was. It was my Landlord on my face staring. I was so exhausted I just told myself, ”I will talk to him when I am awake”. I was jaded  and I could not think anything else, nor move my body. When I woke up, i went straight to his house to know as what he wanted from me. His house was locked, asked a neighbor as where he was. My neighbor starred right back at me as if I offended her with my question. After a breif pause, she replied; ” The landlord died 3 days back and the entire family is at Sangam to immerse his ash.  I was dumb found and scared as hell. I just happen to witness a full fledge apparition right in my house! The house became haunted only after his death. BTW, watch out for this space, more to follow!


My mum passed away on a saturday, and I showed up to work on Monday, the next working day. I was grief stricken and shell shock. I came to work very early and did not tell anyone. My work station was at the corner  of a walkway.  Except for the lights above my station, the rest were turned off. I was the only one on the floor , and was getting ready to boot my system. As I waited for the system to start, I was consumed by the over whelming feeling of sadness. Tears ran down my cheeks and dripped on the key board as I blank-looked at the monitor.  Then I heard and felt a distinct Kiss on the back of my head. I immediately turned back to see who it was only to realize that I was all alone! Even to this day, I still remember the sound and the feel of the peck on the back of my head. My mum always kissed affectionately  me on my head. I think that was a gesture from my mum to remind me that although she is physically not present, but in spirits she is, and is watching over me.

Moods and Moment!

I was dull & gloomy after a fight. So, I rang my best friend in India.  After speaking to her for a while, I really felt good. My mood elevated for  better. Now that left me thinking, ”How am I going to return the favor?”. I am very passionate about making music, so I really wanted to create something that will elevate mood, put a smile on a face. After a lot of trail and error ,  created this one.  Every time I listen to this, I tell myself, ”Love is all we need, Love is all we need”. And my anger disappears! You know, Anger destroys you; love on the other hand, enhances Life. Love is all we need!!

Here I present my instrumental composition, ‘Moods & Moment” for the beautiful ”YOU!”.  Listen and share the joy!!

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